Late Birthday Drabble: Why Edward and Jervis cannot room together ever again

"Do you think they’ll give us a chessboard if we ask nicely? or maybe some tea?"

"You already asked them at least three times in the last ten minutes, Hatter. Now be quiet and let me do my crossword puzzle in peace."

Edward was not just miffed, he was outright annoyed. Jervis was having one of his manic episodes and couldn’t sit still for more than two seconds, constantly pacing around, sorting things and trying to rearrange them right after. It was terrible and it also started upsetting his OCD as the Hatter also moved his things without any mercy.

"Would you PLEASE stop that already?!"

"It’s always six o’clock. I’m stuck. Too late, too late."

"The only thing stuck in here is going to be your pillow in your mouth if you don’t shut it already, for Pete’s sake! And now QUIET."

Finally that seemed to shut Jervis up. At least it did for roughly thirty seconds when he rolled around on his bed and mumbled to himself. And then it happened.

"Dormouse, why is a raven like a writing desk?"



Dr. Young sighed and shaked her head, giving a voice-order through to the administration. “Oh dear god not again. Put them in different rooms! I knew this was a bad idea.”

//Have a short drabble .n. I apologize but my brain is not cooperating.


asdfghjkl oh dear I accidentally lost this beneath a load of prompts in my inbox! I love it darling Fluffy! Thank you so much! It’s wonderful and I love it! xxx

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